I usually work as a realist artist with an emphasis on portraiture. Many of my portraits show a reticence, or a wary restraint, on the part of the sitter to engage with the viewer. In the See no Evil, Speak no Evil, Hear no Evil series this wariness is far less subtle. Recently I have been working on a series of works that are more related to landscape. They have bright colors and decorative elements, which enters a more playful territory. A dominant theme in these works is the natural world. They depict a romantic view of nature, never far from the influences of civilization. The relationship between nature and man is also a theme in the two larger portraits, Anton with Chimp and Today they Sleep. In Today they Sleep a child sits peacefully and safely between a lion and a gazelle. In real life this scene would be quite different, but I, the artist/mother, created a moment in which the child is protected from the brutality of the natural world. I wanted to create a subtle tension between a romantic vision of nature and the violence and death that are inherent in it. I don't want to portray a negative image of nature, but rather I want to show that the natural world is indifferent. It is we who often can't resist imbuing nature with a touch of romance.

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